Do Child Sponsorships Really Work?

Do child sponsorship really work? It’s a very reasonable question to ask when it involves giving $39 each month for a child you most likely will never meet. Another question: how do you really know there is a child that is actually benefiting from your support? With IM’s Child Sponsorship Program, we only give one child to one sponsor and carefully monitor each family. Because our teams in each area build relationships with the families, they get to know them and track the children’s school grades, how they are growing spiritually and physically. Yes, there really is a child for each sponsor and they truly are helped.

Now let’s talk about what it means to feel valued. When a child knows she is important enough for someone to take the time, effort and money to sponsor her, something special happens in her mind; she knows a practical side of God’s love. Nourishing food, caring visits by our teams and the chance to get an education are also very important to these children’s and their parents. The children and their families hear the gospel; they are loved by God and can have eternal hope. While sponsorships don’t solve all problems, studies by the World Bank and the University of Chicago Press found that in general, sponsored children are happier, experience an increase in self-efficacy, are open to studying more, and show a decrease in hopelessness. Imagine that. Less hopelessness. Do you think that would have mattered to you at age seven?

Last month we introduced you to four beautiful Sudanese children who are enrolled in our Cairo Child Sponsorship Program. The response was overwhelming and so very heartwarming!! Many of you responded with love and concern, and eight children were sponsored. This month we’re introducing you to Iman, Ayman, Emy and Yonasan – all unsponsored so far. Currently there are 40 children registered into this program and 29 are unsponsored. Our team of three couples are working with the families each week. Next month, John, Dee and Craig will be with these children and families. Click here to Sponsor a Child

Iman and Ayman are sister and brother

Emy and Yonasan are cousins whose fathers abandoned both families. Their grandmother took them to Cairo and is doing her best to care for them, but it is difficult for her.