Shipping Container Dorms are Under Construction!

150324_1_BlogJust a few short days ago, I boarded a plane in Colorado back to Delhi. My first meetings there were with businessmen to plan our final strategy for the shipping container dorms project layouts, timelines and delivery dates. Armed with computer drawings, as well as images on napkins, we launched the construction of the housing for the students of Grace Bible College.

PastedGraphic-9At 3:00 am the next day, once again I left for the airport for the 5:45 am flight to central India landing in Nagpur, and after a couple hours’ drive, arrived in Amravati by 11 am. It was good to be together with family and friends and refresh the relationships that we treasure both as IM staff and ministry. The following day I had the privilege of sharing the Word of God from Ephesians in the new Grace Bible Memorial chapel we dedicated just last month.

The school year has ended and most all of the GBC students are in their summer practical ministry, so this is the full court press to make the dorm project take place…. The sacrificial giving that you have participated in has propelled us forward to take this step….

One of two GBC shipping container dorms. This is two 40' x 8' containers with a wall dividing at the 20' point. It will house 10 bunkbeds, or, 20 men.

One of two GBC shipping container dorms. This is two 40′ x 8′ containers with a wall dividing at the 20′ point. It will house 10 bunkbeds, or, 20 men.

I am pleased to share that the containers are currently going through their modifications to serve as dormitories. They are being prepared to house a total of 40 young men who will be preparing their lives as servants called of the Lord Jesus Christ to reach a nation and a region of the world for Christ…. Nationals Reaching Nationals…. no longer theory or concept, but a reality that is transforming lives for Christ…. daily now through the efforts and influence of Indigenous Ministries.

150324_3_BlogYesterday the principal of Grace Bible College, Dr. Tantarpale, Mr Satywan, the academic dean of the school and I walked the property and future campus laying out the placements of the buildings. What a joy that we had in seeing a dream of over 12 years, taking shape. It is because of your heart and partnership to see people brought to a saving knowledge of Christ that this is taking place… Where else can you see such a direct transformational investment into lives that will make a difference in tens of thousands that they minister to?

Thank you so much for sharing in this project. We are in need of approximately $55,000 more to finish this first phase…. Would you please pray this comes in so we can finish it soon?

Thank you for your prayers and investment in the future of these young men and women studying at Grace Bible College. Stay tuned for more updates on the shipping container dormitory project.

Dr. John Cook, CEO

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