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A few weeks ago my cousin and I in Portland went to a loading dock that held tens of thousands of shipping containers. As I have shared with him the vision for our Bible college and central India, and looking to bring shipping containers onto the property to place them in connection with each other to build dormitories, classrooms, library, dining halls and other things that will be needed, his vision for what we are doing has grown exponentially. We went to speak with a company that manufactures houses out of shipping containers.

Think with me, having a building that is earthquake proof, Typhoon proof, windproof, and just about any other proof that you could throw at this building. Giving us the ability to literally give 1/10 of what we were looking at financially to complete the Bible college facilities.

Container_CutoutMy heart just skipped a beat, as we walked into one of the shipping containers and I could see once again the direction that the Lord has for us in not only seeing the shipping containers put together and on our property in central India for our school, but the ultimate goal of training hundreds upon hundreds of young people to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with excellence and depth of education. There are many people that want to train fast and light, but I do not believe in this method because God expects us to be thoroughly approved workmen for him. As I looked at these shipping containers I can see the permanent structures that God would bring to our school.

Container_BuildingI was asking the Lord that at least $25,000 would come in by mid-February so that I could go ahead and order up the four dormitories for the property. But yet the Lord has seen fit to hold off on this amount at this time. So what I’m asking the Lord for is that by the end of May that we might see a total of $50,000 to have come in, so that we can facilitate the following year having our first year on our campus, and in our own facilities. What is so exciting is that these shipping container buildings are expandable, in other words we put two buildings up for four dormitories on our property but then we can put four more dormitories right on top of the existing dormitories, to make eight. Then we can put four more on top of those and as long as we have stairwells and access we have the ability to multiply these buildings so that we can ultimately have our vision and goal of seeing 300 young people being trained from our college campus to reach Asia for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Would you pray with me that the Lord would bring this about in the days ahead as the Lord has challenged me to see these permanent buildings set in place, so that the full swing of the ministry can be propelled forward on our own campus. We had set an initial goal of $50,000, but to complete everything that is needed is a goal of 100,000. Would you pray with us that we would see this come in.

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