Easter Celebrations in the Middle East

Left, Mryana translated as John spoke Easter morning in Iraq

“Messiah Kohm. Hak ka kohm.”  This is Arabic for,  “He has Risen, He has risen indeed!!!” With the words of the early church echoing in our ears, we celebrated the exiting of Christ from the tomb here in the Middle East. That tomb is empty, my friends. Jesus is alive!!!   I do trust that your observance and time of remembrance this Easter was a blessing. The fact that we serve a risen Savior is an amazing joy!  How much the Lord loves us, that he would give his life as a ransom. 

Dee and I arrived in Iraq on Good Friday evening after two days’ delay due to COVID travel snags. But we were thankful to be here in time for the Sunday Easter celebration with the Church here.  A fresh government restriction had just been put in place but some came to the church anyways.  I had the privilege of sharing from the gospel of John, chapter 20 the message, “The Tomb Tells it All.”  On that Resurrection Day, three things were empty:  First, the cross was empty, the cross upon which Christ paid for our sins; he was “Christ the Sacrifice.” Secondly, the tomb was empty, signifying that Christ’s sacrifice was accepted by the Father; he was “Christ the Priest.” Thirdly, the grave clothes were empty and the napkin was folded; he was “Christ the First Fruits” of all who will be resurrected because of Calvary. The folded napkin gives the message that Jesus said, “I am coming back.” The angels standing at the tomb asked, “Why do you seek the living from among the dead? See the place where he lay. He is not here, he has risen just like he said.”  We serve a risen Savior! 

Please pray for the Church here in Iraq with it’s many challenges, abundant harvest and few laborers – John Cook