Egypt Child Sponsorships – September 2018 Update

Because of our Egypt Child Sponsors, our time in Egypt in September was a great success! On September 15, 76 pairs of feet bounded into the upstairs meeting room at a conference center in Upper Nile, Egypt. Chatter, laughter, and clamor filled the air as the children rearranged the chairs to sit next to their friends.

I was filled with joy as I walked the room and personally met each child. Learning their names, shaking their hands, and seeing their smiling faces was such a privilege. This time with the kids, and the ability to help them day to day, is made possible by you, our wonderful sponsors, who have prayed and donated to bless your sponsored child! We shared a time in the Word, sang, made a craft, and passed out backpacks to each child.

This time together was bit surreal for me. When we launched this program in 2015 with 6 sponsors and a whole lot of faith, although I knew the program would be a blessing to the widows and their children, I don’t think I fully understood how it would transform lives. After meeting with the kids, we met with our national team and Pastor Emad shared a few stories with us. I’d like to share one of them with you now.

‘Some months we give the children hygiene products in addition to the food bags. And one time I was going to visit one of our boys, Emad Samah, we’d been preparing toiletries to take to him – and as I was going, I saw him in the street and asked where he was going. He said he only had 3 Egyptian pounds left (about $0.20) and he was going to buy some soap. I told him not to go but to come back to the house with me because God has sent him a big bag of all these things, shampoo, shower gel, kitchen soap, and some other items for cleaning. And the boy said to me, “This is something sweet from God and brings joy to my heart.”’ – Brother Emad

Thank you – you’ve made this possible for Emad, and for your sponsored child as well!

Would you pray with us? We currently have 76 children enrolled in this program, but only 55 of them are sponsored. If you can think of others who care, like yourself, and hope to make a difference in these precious kids lives, please pass along this email to them. We need your help in providing hope for more children of widows in Upper Nile. If you’re willing to change a life with only $39 a month, give me a call at 719-302-3028 or click the button on the right “Sponsor a Child.”

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