Egypt: Children’s Sponsorship Program a Success

12696683_10153424624842781_1710475952_oAs our ministry began the brand new sponsorship program in Egypt last October, I’ve been touched once again with the obvious benefits of this amazing partnership as we work with our enthusiastic national teams and children. I’d like to share with you how things are going there.

In the picture to the right, our Egyptian ministry team held a Spiritual Emphasis Day for the children as they played games, sang praise songs, and shared from the Word of God. The children loved it all!

Youssef Excaroos – Version 2This is Youssef in the picture, left, who is in our Sponsorship Program. He’s nine years old, has two siblings and comes from a very poor household. His mother, a widow, works sporadically and has no regular income making life very tough for this family. They live in a small stone home in a rural Egyptian village. Youssef has been struggling with health problems and in school he’s an average student. The good news is that as a result of being in our sponsorship program, he is provided with daily necessities of nutritious food which his family also benefits from as well, and as a result, he’s is able to focus much better on learning in class! We have 10 children in this program and all are sponsored; we will have 10 more ready for sponsorship soon.

For more information, feel free to contact me at – Sarah Rieger, Executive Assistant for Sponsorships

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