Egypt Ministry Update – Outreach and Mercy Ministry

IMG_6098Each May, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians attend a festival honoring the Virgin Mary. It’s held at The Church of The Holy Virgin, which is a centuries’ old church carved out of solid rock.

Each Spring, our Egyptian ministry team uses this bustling, noisy outdoor festival as an opportunity to interact with attendees. This year a team of 20 camped out in the dust and heat for a week, handed out 27,000 salvation tracts, held 70 small group meetings, and met individually with 120 people.

IMG_6081Why is this important and why should we care? Because 28 people asked for follow up meetings so they could know more about Christ…28 souls. Most of them made decisions for Christ. Praise God!

These are your Brothers and Sisters on that ministry team…dear ones whom we have loved for years. We’ve labored in prayer for them through the violence and turmoil in Egypt. Miriam was part of that team…she was kidnapped, raped and tortured by Muslim extremists. These men and women are faithfully serving and we’re asking that you continue to pray for them and the church plants in Egypt.

IMG_6093As part of our Global Church Planting Initiative, we financially support the national church planters on this team, however they are under-funded. We need financial partners to help with any part of the $500/month to support one pastor. If you or your church would like a cutting edge way to reach Egypt for Christ, join us! Please click the blue button to donate. Thank you so much.

In October, John Cook will lead an Indigenous Ministries team to lead a pastors’ conference in Egypt. Please pray for this time.

SAM_3019Mercy Ministry – In addition to regular nightly worship services as well as Sunday morning services in the churches, our church planters and leaders monthly give out food packets to families in poor neighborhoods. They have seen a number come to Christ through the Mercy Ministry. This is also our ministry’s “giving a fish” to those in need through our churches.

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