Egypt Pastors’ Conference

This last month was amazing in our annual Pastor’s Conference as we gathered the pastors together for encouragement, times around the Word, and refreshment in relationships with the Lord and each other. Our lecturers included two of our dear pastors from the US, our pastor from Iraq, our lead for I.M. Egypt and myself. It was an incredible time and I believe that the Lord met with us in a fresh way. Men shared how much of an impact this time had in their lives and how they were refreshed in a great way.

The theme was “God Looked for a Man.” It was precious as the teaching team poured out not only the teaching of Scriptures about God’s call, God’s heart and God’s equipping us to serve Him, but also their personal heartfelt experiences of feeling weak and yet experiencing God’s faithful strength. Too often we are weary and try our best to do what God wants in our service to Him, and yet sometimes we lose a close walk with the Lord with our busyness of serving. It was a time to reset the compass of our relationship with Christ.

So many of the pastors came to the conference discouraged, dealing with pressures of ministry along with the pressures from Islamic and Catholic religions trying to shut down the evangelical ministries. At the end of the conference, we heard how refreshed they were through the teaching time, getting some rest, good food and time with their fellow servants.  Four young men who are looking to be part of ministry were there on our  invitation;  they are so looking forward to how the Lord will use them in the days ahead.

As always, without you, dear ministry friends, this couldn’t have happened. God used you together to bring this about. These men need our continuing prayers…also especially keep in prayer two church plants that are deepening and growing their congregations in walking with the Lord. 



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