Esmeralda’s Story

We are rejoicing in the success of the Micro Finance Entrepreneurship Loans and Savings program in the Philippines. Participants are not only working hard to earn, but they are also learning to participate in God’s hope.

e6eabc18-2586-4223-9e14-485f71da7615-l0-001One such success story is Esmeralda. Along with her husband and six children, they once depended heavily on scavenging in the local dumpsite.  On a good day, their earnings were $1.50. However, Esmeralda participated in IM’s skills development program, becoming a manicurist/pedicurist, allowing her to earn an income and feed her family. But most importantly, it deepened her faith that God is active in her family’s life.

Her newfound hope led her to attend a government-funded cosmetology course. She was quickly hired by a hair salon and soon promoted to manager.  But Esmeralda didn’t stop there!  As a parent of one of our sponsored children***, she was able to participate in our Micro-finance Business Loan and Savings program. She and her husband opened a small home retail store; the family no longer has to scavenge.esmeralda-new

Esmeralda is now president of the Loans and Savings program, teaching financial accountability and stewardship. She also leads Bible studies and participates in outreach. She, and other program participants, are role-models in the church and community encouraging and supporting one another in the Lord.

Become a catalyst for hope and help more families like Esmeralda’s by donating to the Southeast Asia fund; hope blooms into transformed lives for Christ. Thank you. 

*** In January 2017 we are launching a brand new child sponsorship program in the Philippines with Resty and Mel Enguerra to support 50 children in the Payates Dumpsite they have been working with faithfully for four years.  $35/month is the cost to sponsor one child.

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