Families Being Helped Through the Iraq Relief Project

Silam’s family:  Silam lives with her 84 year old mother. Silam, 57, previously lost her husband who was killed in the eight year war between Iran and Iraq. Her sister, Basma, 54, has two daughters, twelve year old Mariam, and a younger daughter who was kidnapped by ISIS three years ago.  When ISIS entered into their area in Mosul, people started to flee, but they didn’t realize how horrible the threat was, so they stayed in their area until ISIS was there. They not only beat and burned them, but also forced them to become Muslims. They have endured a lot of mental trauma (PTSD). Miraculously, and on a good note, Basma was reunited with her now nine year old daughter in Erbil recently.  Your donations to the Iraq Relief Project have helped this family with clothing and food.

Another family from Keramleis was captured by ISIS, and beaten.  They watched as ISIS burned their home, and the father was so severely beaten he now cannot function and work.  We are helping with food, clothing and medical attention.

Other families who have very recently been freed from ISIS, are now in refugee camps and are being helped with much needed clothing, shoes and food as needed. We are assisting families with vital monthly prescriptions and helping families with counseling as well.

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