Family’s Story of Grace in Christ

Resty and Mel, right, featured Jonalyn’s story in their latest newsletter, Bamboo Journey. Her story embodies the race we are all in, which the Apostle Paul talked about in Phil. 3:13-14:

The Philippines – Jonalyn is a young lady with three children; the 2nd child was diagnosed with ADHD; and a toddler. They live in a shanty in Payatas Dumpsite with her in-laws and another family with kids. Her husband is a scavenger and occasional construction worker. Their meager income is further strained by the need to send the second child to a special education school for better opportunities to learn.

Most often, her son gets reprimanded by the grandparents who are not knowledgeable in dealing with his special needs; Jonalyn as a mother will comfort him with the best she’s learned by attending and observing at the Special Ed school.

Jonalyn still has a broad smile despite her life circumstances. She says God made her resilient and is determined to pursue her goals. She loves studying the Bible and being actively involved in church life. In her early adult life, her love for the Lord waned; she enjoyed the night life and used drugs. Yet the Lord kept watch over her and protected her. She met her husband, a Christ follower, who reminded her of who God is in their lives.

Together, they went back to obeying the Lord. Though they struggle financially, it keeps them dependent on the Lord to provide for their needs. The Micro Loan Entrepreneurship Program we introduced at the Payatas church helps them stay afloat with an additional income for the family, applying biblical business principles and practice. She is one of the ladies that paid off her loan within six months instead of 12 months. The mentoring she got from facilitators and the community spirit forged amongst the ladies of the Entrepreneurship group in church encouraged her to be steadfast in the Lord.

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– Resty and Mel Enguerra, email:

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