Flour and Christmas Shoeboxes Reach Refugees

Palm Sunday was cold and windy in northern Iraq. Our team drove up to an enclosed construction site where we stopped and honked. A little girl, about 10, slid open the gate, and let us in. Our ministry team had just discovered this small Yazidi refugee camp with 18 families and around 40 children. The families were huddled in makeshift houses made from scraps of a hotel construction site that halted when ISIS tore through the country in 2014. These Yazidis are from Sinjar area having fled for their lives barely escaping slaughter and kidnapping.

We came back a few days later to meet one of their immediate needs of which the greatest is food. Each family received 100 lbs of flour for which they were extremely grateful. The children received a Christmas Child Shoebox…wish you could have seen these kids opening their first Christmas presents. The story of the Good Samaritan and the Gospel was shared. We will continue to help this and other refugee camps we have worked with. There isn’t room in this issue to share about the other visits; look on our website and in next month’s newsletter for these blogs. Thank you for your continued financial gifts to the Iraqi Relief Fund; we’ll keep on passing it on to the refugees! You’re making a big difference!

To donate to the Iraqi Relief Fund please click the blue donate button on the right and select Iraqi Relief Fund in the drop down menu. Thank you.

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