A word from CEO John Cook – Food is reaching refugees, but the those most exposed to COVID-19’s health and economic fallout will face unprecedented hardships in months to come. COVID-19 has taken a parade of Who’s Who very much by surprise including presidents, lawmakers and health organizations revealing a staggering level of unpreparedness. As we try to fathom the effects and impact of the COVID-19 virus, only One has not been surprised by this crisis: God is in control even over COVID-19!

Before I share about the ministry, how are you and your family doing? I pray the Lord encourages and strengthens you, that your needs are being met, and you’re leaning closer to the Lord and loved ones.

As difficult as this crisis is, I want you to know that just by your participation with Indigenous Ministries with prayers and financial gifts, you have been making an impact in the lives of thousands of people in places hit very hard by this pandemic. This month we’re sharing updates with you on food reaching refugees in the midst of COVID-19’s fallout, which I believe is just beginning. We are in a race against time.

My heart has been especially concerned for those we minister to who already live in poverty. The weakened, abused and forgotten. God has given us a special ability to be His hands and feet to them. The first question on many of their hearts is, “will you leave us now?” No, we won’t, because we are confident we are right where God has us for His purposes.

What’s particularly tough is that refugees who were just beginning to get on their feet have been knocked down once again as the shattered global economies and shelter in place orders which have brought a the lockdown of laborers has stripped away their daily wages.

Certainly news EVERYWHERE seems most grim. At this point, we simply cannot digest more bad news. We need to know SOMETHING besides COVID-19 is at work. God is at work! His people are too.

So let me share with you GOOD NEWS!! HOPEFUL news that means we together CAN and ARE making a global impact sharing Christ, and assisting people literally on the ragged edge of survival. Because of your giving, because of your CARING HEART, you’re bringing a measure of comfort which is not lost on the families in our program.

Additionally, this month, because of your gifts to our Rapid Response Fund, EVEN MORE families have had food; again, these are the families extremely challenged in this crisis. But with the clock ticking, and families not able to work, the need to get food into the right hands grows by the hour.

Families also received additional soaps and cleaning resources included in distributions which has helped with cleaner hands and homes against COVID-19.

Are you sponsoring a child (or children)? If so, you are on the front lines with our teams helping the vulnerable deal once again with catastrophic events. Because of your faithfulness in sponsoring your child, these families have received food this month.

This has eased the burden of many both those in our “Sponsor a Child” program and one time gifts to families who have been waiting to be sponsored.