From Dee A. Cook

Thank you for the many, many cards, letters, emails, texts, gifts, flowers and other special ways you have showered my family and I with your love and concern since John’s sudden home going March 30, 2023.

How am I doing? I’ve been asked this question so much lately, and I am truly and deeply humbled at the outpouring of love I am receiving personally. I have a new understanding of God’s peace and comfort, and much of it is due to your prayers and love. But I won’t sugar coat this; it’s a very difficult path, one that my family and I never expected to be on, yet my eyes are on Jesus and my heart is overflowing with love and gratefulness for the many wonderful years John and I had together, and that our family had with him. I’m also grateful for the amazing, adventurous man of God I married, and cherish these precious memories.

As the Indigenous Ministries board and I have met, I am so very grateful for their support and strength. They have asked me to take the ministry forward, and it’s my great honor to be the next CEO of this amazing ministry. I look forward to working with them.

It’s with great honor and thankfulness for God’s mighty hand of guidance and John’s tremendous vision that I look to the future. I could never fill John’s shoes, but I can continue what he and I worked side by side to create for 20+ years with our amazing teams in India, Egypt, Iraq, and our US staff.

I am asking for your continued prayers and for your ongoing financial support as we together continue to Reach Nationals Through Nationals with the Gospel to the Glory of God. May the Lord bless you.

– Dee A. Cook, CEO

To watch John’s Celebration of Life Service, click HERE.