From the CEO’s Desk: Praise and Fall Focus

A year ago, Dee and I had just slipped away for our time in the mountains, when we heard about what had happened in Mosul, Iraq; 35,000 exiled and all their property confiscated, thousands killed. We cut our vacation and in a few short days I was in Erbil, Northern Iraq, ministering alongside our Iraqi counterparts.

We have been working primarily with several churches, in Erbil and in Baghdad. They have been champions for Christ and your hearts and hands for helping many thousands of Christian and Muslim refugees fleeing the scourge of ISIS.

The GBC building project has been a significant focus of this past year. How thankful I am for the accomplishment you made happen with the school now on its own campus. God has been so gracious and you have been so faithful…I trust you have been following the progress each month in our newsletters and here on the website.

IMG_1368As we look at the completion of 2015, what do we want to accomplish? How can we cast the net effectively to bring more people to a saving knowledge of Christ, baptized and discipled as His followers? There are several ways:

GBC Campus – We continue to prepare the GBC campus as challenges are still needing to be answered. Rain has made the unfinished dining hall unusable for eating and classrooms. We need to build the walls to close this in. We also need to build the library and ship the library books over. We need more housing and classrooms. I am asking the Lord for $100,000 to facilitate this next step for this Fall.

National Pastors’ Conferences – We have conferences slated for India and Egypt this fall building into the lives of pastors and the Church.

Outreach to Iraqi refugees will continue as the Lord provides funds. I’m asking you to continue to assist as we engage in this incredible need and opportunity. More people in Iraq have trusted Jesus Christ than ever, and we are working alongside our Iraqi pastors and Church family as they give of their time and efforts to reach their people for Christ. I’m asking the Lord for another $50,000 for these needs.

General Fund – As you know, it takes funding to keep the doors open and the lights on. I need 50 IMG_6605business owners to join our “Global Business Partners” to support Indigenous Ministries at $100 per month. We have prepared this striking plaque for you in recognition of your monthly partnership and impact for Christ.

Staffing needs – The Lord has been expanding our ministry borders, and there is a need need for two people to come on staff with IM in Colorado Springs, willing to raise their support. Please pray for these needed additions as we have much to do in support of the ministry. This is extremely rewarding work. If you would like more information, please contact our office @

Again, I’d like to express my deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratefulness first to the Lord, and then to you in partnering in this great endeavor to reach people through our national pastors and leaders for eternity.

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