Full Circle Summer Ministry

Teens in IM’s program are teaching younger children; nationals reaching nationals with the gospel

As we are celebrating the arrival of summer, the activities around the ministry and the children within our sponsorship programs in the Middle East are growing; it’s an exciting process to see the anticipation of the children and the churches’ responses in preparation for the summer programs. We are excited to share with you that it’s full circle ministry this summer – older kids in our Child Sponsorship Program are the teachers to the younger ones.

Last month we focused on Grace Bible College in India and the students’ practical ministries. We hope you read the article because it’s our ability to witness their lives unfolding before us and their faith growing.  That also means we can take on a vital roll to pray for the students.  By the way, GBC classes began the week of July 11 for the 2022-23 year. 

IMI CSP kids this month at our office

This month we’re looking in on the ministry to the kids in our Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) in N. Iraq. Three milestones make this summer ’22 ministry with the children extra special: 

An IMI CSP teen teaching young refugees in Iraq this summer. A beautiful full circle picture of this ministry: Nationals reaching Nationals with the gospel

First, we’ve been watching the children grow since we started with them in 2014.  This is longterm and they’re growing physically and spiritually and ready to learn more!

Second, this year we’ve expanded the Bible content they’re receiving; it’s deeper in substance and longer in timeframe. They also have play time, snacks and crafts –  the kids LOVE it! 

Thirdly, what is truly wonderful is that some of our older ones who have been in our CSP (they are refugees too) for several years are now leading and teaching the children.  Our staff has been diligently preparing and training these teens since last fall. In June, July and August, they are teaching the children every week. Thank you for your prayers and support which help make this possible! Keep on praying, please. 

John W. Cook, CEO