Furnishing the GBC Library, India

The need for a high quality Christian library on the Grace Bible College campus has never been more evident. With a growing student body, this Bible college is now reaching students coming from all over India, and now Myanmar, as churches are sending young men for pastoral training. Additional resources are mandatory for quality training. The men’s dorms have been built. The dining hall is used daily. The Chapel is beautiful and used many times weekly. The question was – what is most important to build next? Staff housing or the library and more classrooms? To the staff it was not even a question; they put their own needs behind the need for a library as the next step in developing this campus in 2016.

But this library had to be big. It had to be excellent in all ways – especially with the quality of volumes we made available to the young scholars. God has heard these prayers and the excitement has been building for what’s coming this summer: A ready-to-use library!

With the finish line in sight, it’s time to move the books in to the library. We need to furnish the library with library shelves, desks, tables, chairs, computers and other furniture to enable the students and staff to access these precious resources and engage with them as they study. The cost: $15,000.

There is an urgent need to source this furniture to prepare the library for the students to use the library beginning in July 2018 when the new school year begins.
We are seeking generous financial gifts to see GBC’s library completely furnished. We are so grateful to the friends of GBC and Indigenous Ministries who have already given so generously to this project with prayers, books and finances, and for those who have volunteered many hours to prepare the books.

Join us with raising $15,000 the Grace Bible College library furnishings. Donate online or use the form below and mail your gift to our office. Let’s get it ready for the students! Contact our office to receive a project folder for promotion.

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