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GBC Holds First Alumni Meet

Last month 25+ GBC alumni came together for three days just before graduation to share with each other, the current students, US guests and the faculty and staff, updates in their lives and to share time in prayer and in the Word as a group.  Several came from as far as Mumbai.  The fellowship was very special and it was very good to hear the wonderful successes as well as share in the heartaches they have lived. The students had several open forums where they could ask questions of those in the ministry specific questions.  Pictured below, the alumni received a new GBC mug!

Let’s focus for just one reading minute on three GBC alumni and their ministries: Alpesh, class of 2004, has planted 12 churches, and is pastoring three, Rajnikant, class of 2004, has planted 17 churches, and is pastoring five, and then Ratilal, pictured below, class of 2006, who has planted 14 churches and is pastoring seven. Our alumni are ministering in over 18 tribal areas in remote areas of India. Each month, hundreds come to faith in Christ as a direct result of the ministry and influence of the training received at Grace Bible College.  We give God the glory for His faithfulness in their lives!

The training of the national continues to be our focus, and we are seeing the Lord use these alumni students for the glory of the Lord.  Thank you for investing in the lives of the students at GBC both past and present.  We will continue to share more updates on our GBC alumni in the months ahead.

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