GBC Celebrates Sept. 27 as a Day of Prayer – “You will…Pray to me, and I will Listen to You” Jer. 29:12

This report is from the GBC office: 

India – Grace Bible College celebrated September 27 as a Day of Prayer with enthusiasm and in one accord. The students and faculty were involved in prayers for 24 hours. The day began with worship, singing, as Principal Pramod Tantarpale exhorted everyone from Nehemiah 1:1-11.  He brought the various aspects in Nehemiah’s prayer which ultimately were answered by the Lord:

1. Nehemiah’s concern for the people, problems, and land (Jerusalem) (v. 2)

2. Nehemiah’s conviction about God’s character (v. 5)

3. Nehemiah’s confession of his sin and the sins of the people (v. 6-7)

4. Nehemiah’s confidence in God’s promises (v. 8-10)

5. Nehemiah’s commitment to rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem (v. 11)

GBC started praying for the nation of India which included all the states, political parties, different issues and problems the country is facing today and the leadership. Afterwards, we prayed for all the Christian institutions, organizations and Bible colleges serving in India. We also especially prayed for Indigenous Ministries, its leadership, board members and ministry across the globe. 

Then the students were divided into small groups where they prayed for their needs. They spent time in 2 by 2 prayers where they prayed for each other personally. We prayed through the night in a chain prayer which started at 8 in the night and continued till 8 in the morning. The students were provided with tea to keep them awake at night. At 7 in the morning, the GBC family again came together for prayer and to end the Day of Prayer. 

Except for 5 of the students, everyone fasted. We all had a wonderful time all together and the Lord blessed us on that day.  We would like to thank you all for being prayer with us.  

Note:  For a printable, detailed list of how to pray for India, visit, and click on the blog entitled, Join Grace Bible College in a day of Prayer September 27, 2019 

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