GBC Dining Hall and Kitchen Project Update

W60cebb089192ac9b6e5e71f0a43cc3feith the posts and foundation poured, the 40’ x 60’ dining hall is well underway on the new Grace Bible College campus in central India. Work crews poured the posts despite a record breaking heat wave. The next step is the roof which will be a tin roof with two tiers designed for airflow. After the roof will come the pouring of the floor, a giant concrete slab. The building will have an indoor-outdoor feeling because it is designed to accommodate a number of activities, including being the main place the Bible college students will eat every day, dining center for conferences, classrooms, activities hall and training center with a media wall. Three of the walls will not reach to the ceiling, rather, be fortified with screens.

Adjacent to the dining hall will be the kitchen, a 30’ x 15’ building equipped with a stainless steel commercial kitchen. As the student body and outreach activities expand, we are preparing this vital building for maximum usage. However, to complete this building, this is the funding still needed: Would you please pray with me that the Lord will provide these funds soon?ff2401011ce443716ab5ee3fd80b3642

Dining hall foundation, pillars $4,000 (PAID)
Roof – $6,700 (PAID)
Water tank, pump and piping: $1,256 (PAID)
Electricity $1,400 (PAID)

Pending projects for functioning This Semester (June 25, 2015)

Dining walls: $3,000
Dining hall floor: $3,500
Kitchen building: $4,500
Commercial kitchen equipment: $17,250
Dining Hall Furnishings: $1,750

Total: $30,000 Needed

To donate please click on blue donate button to the right, in the drop down menu please select GBC Phase 2:  Dining Hall, thank you.

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