GBC Library Construction Workers Race to Beat Monsoon Season

Feverishly working during the hottest month of the year, the construction teams are pushing hard to beat the upcoming monsoons. These torrential rains, which can arrive as early as June, will mean a significant slow down in progress on the Grace Bible College library and classroom building UNLESS they can get the first ground floor and ceiling poured. As you can see in the pictures, they are closing in on this target quickly. The next vital goal is to get the second floor walls and then the building roof poured to enclose the whole project. Then they can work on installing windows and the interior. We’re on target for all this to happen as long as the funding continues to come in.

Finances – So far, we’ve been able to send funding over for each phase as monies come in. I’m so excited that $37,261 has come in to date for this project, however, I’m asking you to pray with us for the remaining $60,739 needed to come in very soon. We need 60 more people to stand with us at $1,000 for this project, and we will be able to get this library ready for the 18,000 volumes of books sitting in California ready to be shipped over.

Pray that we can see this building completed very soon in order that these students can take full advantage of the library and classrooms this will provide on campus. To donate to this project, please click the blue donate button on the right and select GBC Building Fund in the drop down menu.  Thank you,


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