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How the students have been studying …

With Grace Bible College’s new school year starting in July, the need to complete the library building is pressing. The funds needed to complete the building with paint, roof, fans, lights and student desks:


In March, we asked for $22,000 for the building and the costs to ship the books from California over to India. We received some funds to cover shipment and some of the building costs, and have added in the costs of the desks to this amount. We don’t want to confuse you! (Note: this amount does not include the library shelves)

Gloria, left, (Principal Pramod and Grace’s daughter) and Dee model the desks that have been selected for the students. They are comfortable, (yet not so comfy as to induce an ill-timed snooze) yet sturdy, and we felt the desk part gives plenty of space for books and note taking…and there’s a nice shelf beneath for books.

Let’s help get these students ready for the new 2017-2018 school year, which begins the first week of July, by getting the building completed and desks purchased! Please donate towards this need in the click the “Donate” button  and choose “GBC Building Fund” in the drop down menu.

One desk = $30

That’s 10 people @ $1000, 15 giving $500, 20 @ $250, 20 @ $60 and 50 @$30

Where can you help? Every little bit really helps; thank you!

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