GBC Nears Accreditation!

Grace Bible College, India, is one step closer to accreditation status with ATA (Asia Theological Association) and everyone on the both sides of the ocean is very excited! We’ll keep you updated. URGENT FINANCIAL NEED: This school year has brought a number of additional expenses we’re asking for help to cover. Please turn to page 4 for more info and help out if the Lord leads you to do so. Go to here for more information.

As India emerges from COVID restrictions, it feels like a new era, but on campus at Grace Bible College, classes have continued and as graduation nears on April 1, we’d like to share some updates and a special need with you. Never before have we been more excited about what God is doing!

  1. The ATA (Asia Theological Association) campus visit was held earlier this month. This is the final step towards accreditation.
  2. The 2021-2022 graduation ceremonies will be held on April 1. John and Dee Cook will be attending the graduation, Lord willing.
    – A second vehicle; the older Echo van (not the large Tempo 2019 van) quit in January and no longer passes the Indian government vehicle age allowance. This is a very important vehicle to the staff and much needed daily. $15,000
    – Add’l campus maint/equipment/accreditation exp. $21,000

We are asking the Lord and our donors for $36,000 to cover these expenses. Would you help?

If you feel led to give to this very important need, please write a note with your check, or if you give online, in the note section, let us know it is for the GBC Urgent Need.