GBC Property in India Electrified

a415578e9c0b2154e69e959ab63dd6b6 (1)With the new Memorial Chapel having been completed in January 2015, and the first two shipping container dorms completed three months later, the need for Grace Bible College to have its own electric meter and poles was evident. So, on a hot day last month, with the main pole, lines and panel installed, those present that day stood outside and held their breath as the main switch was pulled to turn the power on. It worked perfectly and the campus was duly electrified!

All electricians deserve respect for their deft guidance of dangerous electric currents, and even more so, the Indian electricians who make handling 220 and 240 volts look easy. We’re grateful to them as well as those who were part of the planning and work that went into this important step for the campus. We’re also very grateful to our donors who have generously given of their prayers and finances so that this could come about – to God be the glory!

The next phase of the campus is underway with the building of the dining hall with the concrete footers having been put in and the roof going in by the end of June. Please pray with us for the remainder of the $50,000 needed for this phase to come in quickly.  If you would like to donate to the dining hall project, please click the blue donate button to the right and in the drop down menu select GBC Phase 2:  Dining Hall.

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