GBC Student Sponsorships

But we have 15 students who are not sponsored. You can engage with a whole sponsorship of $100 or if $50 works better for you, that would also be helpful.  You can go on our website, noted on the left, or use the form below. 

This month as GBC students return to classes, we would like to thank our sponsors who underwrite the education of many of these students.  

Next month at GBC our US teaching team will be on the GBC campus contributing at the annual Winter Teaching Module.  The graduation ceremony will also be held next month, as it usually is, to accommodate our US guests, and then the students return to classes for a number of weeks. 

We’re preparing a report of GBC’s alumni and how they are doing since their graduation, where they are ministering.  One thing is clear, the time taken in preparation of a solid biblical education continues to be a strong foundation for the long term ministry of these students. The alumni continue to contact our faculty thanking them for this vital piece of their lives. And we praise God for all our sponsors who each month are faithful to pray for and support. 

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