GBC Students Impact Villagers After COVID Lockdown

GBC Student Kirtesh Pawar ministers to a disabled elderly gentlemen.

As we are celebrating the arrival of summer, the activities around the ministry and the children within our sponsorship programs in the Middle East are growing; it has been an exciting process to see the anticipation of the children and the churches responses in preparation for the summer programs.

In India, Grace Bible College students are actively involved in their summer ministry outreach. This summer, in our newsletter, The Liaison, we will be covering the programs that are running.

As GBC students are on their summer break, they have been given the time for practical ministry within churches. They are working with the pastors of their local communities putting on programs that the churches are running as children are out of school. What is interesting to me is that we have 30 plus students who are from two orphanages and these students are excited and enjoying giving back to their communities in ministry!

They are teaching Sunday school and Vacation Bible School and visiting the disabled in homes and hospitals. The children are really enjoying the impact that the students are making in their lives and it’s exciting to see the delight on their faces (see pics on page two). The students are staying at these churches and are available to the pastor as the church cares for their physical needs. The heat in India has set records this summer, so bear that in mind as you keep them in your prayers.

Other students are leading Bible studies in village areas and others are going house to house asking if they could pray for the families. The response has been open hearts and homes and gratitude – we know COVID has left many afraid of the illness and asking spiritual questions. Many have requested them to come back and share again about Christ.

Grace Bible College Student Summer Ministries

This last year at the school, quite a number of our first year students shared that they were looking at various secular areas of work after taking one year of Bible School, but as the year has progressed we have seen hearts change and now looking to complete their bachelors degrees and considering going into ministry. We are looking at in opening church planting and ministry positions with our graduates.

These are exciting days of opportunity but also with many, many challenges. Our time is short before the Lord Jesus comes and returns for His own. India ranks #10 in the world with religious persecution and even with the ‘anti conversion laws,’ our students are being welcomed as they share the things they have learned in the last two semesters.

How thankful we are for your support and prayers for these students. Your investment into their lives has made an incredible difference. Look at just a few results of the investment you’ve made and how this is being multiplied!
If you enjoy videos, visit our YouTube channel, Indigenous Ministries International to watch a video update on these students ministering. Please continue to pray for them! God bless you, and to God be the glory!!
John. John W. Cook, CEO

Below is a slideshow of some of our students sent of their ministries this summer: