GBC Students’ Summer Ministries

The Grace Bible College students are out of classes for the school year and working on their practical ministry exercises. In fact, three of the GBC men are staying in one of our church plant buildings 1 1/2 hour driving distance from the campus. They go out daily on their bikes throughout several villages sharing Christ, and are also holding VBS for children.

Classes begin again the first week in July; it is important that the new library and classroom building project moves ahead as quickly as possible so they can begin using it during the next school year.

This 2015-2016 school year GBC accepted its first international student, a young man from Myanmar. We look forward to having more international students receive their training there in the coming years. Please also be in prayer for the faculty and staff of Grace Bible College as they take some much needed time off before July.

We appreciate you and your investment into the Grace Bible College students and our church planters — you have a special part in their stories and in the ministry harvest this month. As you share with us the high value of making Christian education available to young people, you are making a difference in India right now. Thank you for your partnership; we hope these pictures are an encouragement and blessing.

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