GBC Winter Teaching Module February 2020

Each February, GBC hosts seven days of daily classes and lecturers by US guests. This year’s team included returning guest Phil Bairrington, a scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife; he taught “Science and the Bible,” including a number of experiments and explosions, which always generate keen interest! Robert Jones taught “The Attributes of God,” Richard Long taught from the book of John and IM CEO John Cook shared “Risking to Lead in Christ’s Power.” Thank you, to our team for their self-sacrificial ministry to these students, and for your prayers for this week which helped make it a huge success! The students and faculty very much enjoyed the excellent ministry the men shared.

The team met with students, spoke in area churches, participated in an area-wide youth meeting and GBC’s graduation ceremony. They managed to make time to visit a tiger sanctuary, ancient fort and palace and the India Gate in Mumbai! Phew!

Doors open March 1 for registration for the February 2021 Winter Teaching Module. Seats are limited! If you’d like to explore this opportunity to invest your life into these young people, or want to meet your sponsored student, shoot Reda an email at for more information.

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L-R, John, Richard, Robert & Phil