GBC’s Effective Strategy in Ministry to Nationals

When you support a Bible college student, you multiply your impact for the Kingdom of God. Your gift of three years of training and education will impact the areas most in need of the Gospel.

This is the reason Indigenous Ministries offers the opportunity to sponsor a Bible college student; an effective means to participate in the outreach of the Gospel globally. GBC’s alumni are impacting India and Myanmar with the Gospel of Christ. Thank you, sponsors!

As the heavy monsoon rains poured down outside, GBC’s principal Dr. Tantarpale and I sat talking about GBC’s mission of training students to reach their own people with the Gospel. He shared with me that in point of fact, apart from the national being trained for outreach, there is NO WAY that the Gospel can advance in India. Why? Because as the government has closed (and continues to do so) the doors to any westerner sharing the Gospel, even nationals are on notice of the hazards of doing so. The only way is the platform of nationals reaching nationals for Christ.

Years ago, Dee and I were in the back country in a very remote place in Central India. As we paused at an intersection in a village, all of a sudden, a face appeared in my window, and there was Rahul, one of our own GBC graduates! We pulled over and went into a shack that sold good, hot chai (this is the chai that the powered packets here in the US got their recipe from). We heard how the Lord was using Rahul to pastor 10 small village house churches. He begged me to come and help him baptize 12 new believers. As we parted company, I was reminded of Rahul’s struggle in school…how the faculty worked so hard to help him increase academically and although he did graduate, his grades weren’t high. Yet here was this young man the Lord had chosen to use. He was thrilled and passionate to be serving the Lord and his people in ministry.

Today we have a big challenge: 25 GBC students need to be sponsored at $100/month each. Dee and I support ours and have done so for over a decade. Would you prayerfully consider joining us? If $50/month would better suit your budget for half a sponsorship, you would be such an encouragement. You can go on our website to sponsor a student. Thank you, and may God bless you.



Help plant a national church by supporting a national pastor and his family monthly. Our national pastors are trained, effective and passionate about reaching their OWN people for Christ! The cost to support a national pastor on average is 1/10th that of a Western missionary.

Go to and select “Support a Pastor” on the righthand side.

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