Give us This Day a Chance…

Above, Ayda is attending college to be a teacher. She is also taking English classes. Right, Samir took a barber class three years ago and has built a thriving barber business with 70-80 clients coming to his home for the good cuts he provides.

Of Interest: English classes can double or triple the earning potential in most fields, esp. for a woman. With a 4 year teaching degree a woman can earn $100/mo, add English to that and she can earn $300/month or more. IMI is expanding English learning opportunities in the Middle East.

Amyr, after only six weeks of training is already an accomplished sewer with a promising career in clothing, party clothes creation and rentals.

Yousry is in his first year in law school.

Our first graduates from an advanced English class fall 2021; four have moved on to the next level, one moved to Cairo.

AMAZING NEW OPPORTUNITIES IN EGYPT BUT NOT FOR ALL – Egypt is an amazing country with its unsurpassed history of pharaohs, pyramids and the Sphinx. President el-Sisi became Egypt’s ruler in 2014 inheriting chaos, protests and fallout from a revolution. He rules with an iron fist, but has also created stability, built new cities, a New Suez Canal, developed the exploration of the massive Zohr gas field in the Mediterranean, is building massive stretches of highways and railways, has built five new airports and a new admin capital east of Cairo. New opportunities abound in Egypt, but only for young people in the right arena and of the right faith. Poverty is robbing too many children of their future.

HOW TO GIVE A CHILD IN EGYPT A CHANCE: Join us as we expand our Child Sponsorship Program in the Cairo area. Our model there is the same as other areas of the Middle East; that of a national pastor shepherding 30-50 children and their families who are in IMI’s CSP. This pastor works with a sponsorship team as they share Christ and strategize with each other and Indigenous Ministries meeting needs of the children that will create a sustainable lifestyle. Discipleship and tutoring are keys to the spiritual growth and education of each child. Become a sponsor today and change a child’s future.

You CAN give a child of a widow in Egypt a CHANCE for eternal life and an opportunity for a way out of poverty. Sponsorships are $39/month.

Click here to Sponsor a Child today!


There really isn’t much that’s easy about leading a Christian Child Sponsorship Program in Egypt except the bedrock foundation that Jesus is Lord and working with a great team. Below are some of our team members led by Pastor Emad, far left, who faithfully serve the Lord with the children each week. They make it a priority to love the children specially and help them through challenges. We’re so thankful for each one! Pray for them would you? Also pray for the ones we are not able to show you, each one passionate about serving the Lord and knowingly laying their lives on the line for the sake of these kids and the gospel!