Giving a Gift of Love

There is an urgent need for child sponsors. For just $35/month or $420/year, you can bring love, joy and hope to a precious child across the globe.

Below are two children in our Egypt program we’d like to introduce. Please prayerfully consider blessing one or more needy children with hope and eternal life in Christ. To sponsor a child, click the Donate Button on the right and choose “Child Sponsorships” in the dropdown menu.


Youssef is nine years old and lives at home with his widowed mother and two sisters. He is hard-working and enjoys reading, music and playing. His best subject is reading/writing. Youssef’s favorite verse is Psalm 23:1. He would like to be a doctor.

Mariam lives with her mother, two brothers and three sisters. Her mother is a widow and unemployed. Mariam is hard-working and her best subject is social studies. She has an ongoing minor heart problem. When she grows up, she would like to be teacher.

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