Our Global Church Planting Initiative is the very DNA of Indigenous Ministries which engages us in partnership with nationals planting churches within the culture and context of their understanding, training, and expertise for the purpose of reaching their own people for the Lord Jesus Christ.

IMG_2062 (1)Benefits: First, the cost of a national church planter’s salary is about 1/10th  the cost of an American missionary’s salary.  Secondly, a national will remain in their country for decades, where the average missionary today makes a three year commitment and after that moves on. Thirdly, within two weeks of launching, nationals see people trust Jesus Christ as Savior! Fourthly, a national knows the language, the culture, and the people he is reaching. Fifthly, a national retires in his or her own community and continues impacting with ministry influence for years.

The Vision:  It is our vision to reach out in the most difficult of places on this planet, most of which are in the 10/40 window. What we are asking the Lord for is the resources and ability to partner with 200 national pastors from the Middle East all the way to Indonesia in an effort to bring about a massive church planting campaign through our ministry’s Global Church Planting Initiative.

IMG_5832 (1)God is at Work:  We are excited about what God is already doing, as churches have already started, and indigenous personnel are fully engaged and have embraced the vision moving it forward.  Be in prayer with us as we have taken steps reaching people for the Lord Jesus Christ through the nationals and have already seen many churches planted.  But there’s so much more we can do together.

How this works:  Individuals and churches in the US partner with Indigenous Ministries in prayer and finances with our Global Church Planting Initiative selecting the area or IMG_2060 (1)country they want to impact with church planting.  Indigenous Ministries sends support to the pastors and churches for a 3-5 year period and after that sends those resources to another national church planting effort.  Additionally, IM helps with accountability, mentoring and stands with the pastors encouraging and building into them through national pastors’ conferences and discipleship.

Where: We are church planting in India, Southeast Asia, and some of the most difficult places in The Middle East.  Contact our office for specific countries in which you are interested.

IMG_2157 (2)Engage With Us: Join with us as we embark on something that is absolutely thrilling, and it will have great dividends of harvest in the days and decades ahead. Your generous financial gifts are an investment into lives and hearts, giving them the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their own language. 

Missions Committees and US Pastors:  We want to be your go-to missions agency and invite you to get to know us through our website.  Many mission budgets are stretched tight and the big question is “how can we do better with the resources God has entrusted to our church?”  Let us help you get out of the addition mentality and into multiplication!

The cost of church planting is $500 per month per pastor.  Your prayers and financial support allow a national pastor to fully engage with church planting verses holding down two jobs at the same time, keeping him focused and fully engaged in his local community.  Gifts of $25 per month are combined with others making a total salary for a national pastor.  Any amount given monthly will help plant a church.

IMG_2346 2 (1)

May God bless you; as we earn your trust, we hope you’ll stand with us in prayers and financial support to reach a world for Jesus Christ.  I’ve never seen such difficulties that our planet is facing than we are dealing with right now. Let’s bring the light of Jesus Christ to the hearts and lives of people as the days of opportunity are upon us. 

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