Grace Bible College 2022 Graduation

As India pulses back online to normal life after two years engulfed in the world’s largest lockdown, the Maharashtra, the most populated state in India fully reopened all schools in March. This was the signal for John and Dee Cook to take to the Friendly Skies to attend Grace Bible College’s 18th graduation on April 1. After a series of roadblocks and snags, God opened the way and they arrived March 31. Much has transpired in the two years since COVID descended, uniting our globe both in pain and suffering, but also in specially celebrated milestones. Below, you’re looking at a cause for celebration!

Standing in the middle row are nine graduates who received their BTH (Bachelor of Theology) and in the back row, the 11 who received their diplomas and certificates. Credit: First, To God be the Glory! Next, a special word of thanks to our GBC prayer partners, faithful sponsors and donors who have helped carry this school through these two years. Thank you to Principal Tantarpale, the faculty, staff and board of GBC (pictured below) for their diligence and perseverance.