Grace Bible College Dining Hall Construction Begins

aca4a27f04bec2a772356a870c1cdd95 (1)India – Last month in record breaking heat the foundation and pillars for the GBC dining hall were set in place. Our leadership and construction teams are to be commended because they kept going and as a result, the roof is currently being put on. This is a 40’ x 60’ dining hall but will also be used as classroom, media and game room besides a place to feed our students and hundreds of pastors and women who attend our training conferences several times a year. It is designed with an indoor-outdoor lodge feel.

Below is an update on the financials for the dining hall and kitchen. We praise God ff2401011ce443716ab5ee3fd80b3642 (1)and thank you, our generous partners, for what has already been provided for. Please join us in praying for the $30,000 needed to complete this phase, as classes begin next month.

Dining hall foundation, pillars and roof – $10,700 (PAID)
Electricity, water tank, pump and piping: $2,656 (PAID)
Floor of Dining Hall: $3,200 (PAID)

Pending projects for this semester (6/25/2015):

Dining walls: $5,000
Kitchen building 40’ x 20’: $9,500
Commercial kitchen equipment: $17,250
Dining Hall Furnishings: $1,750

Total: $33,500 Needed

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