Grace Bible College Gears up for the 2021-22 School Year

Central India: Grace Bible College has received the green light from the Indian government to begin the new school year on July 25. We pray this won’t change, meanwhile. students have begun arriving on campus and will continue to settle in through the rest of the month. With some areas in India still in full lockdown, some will not be able to make it by July 25, but will set travel dates as soon as travel bans lift.

In addition to the excitement of a new school year, students bring with them a heightened sense of anticipation after COVID. One student, Kiran, shared that he “was looking forward to finishing out his third year at GBC.”

Thank you for praying with us for Grace Bible College faculty, staff and student body. Pray that the students will be able to travel safely to the campus and for a unity with the student body and for the professors as they lead the students daily.

Are you a GBC Sponsor?

First, we can’t thank you enough for staying faithful and sponsoring your student through the COVID crisis! You have helped get these students and faculty and staff through a very challenging time.

By the middle of August we should have a clear picture of which students will be attending this school year and you will receive news on your student, including a new photo. If your student graduated or is not returning this school year, we will let you know and share with you a student who is waiting for a sponsor. You can let us know what you want to do.

Your monthly sponsorship enables students to receive a scholarship for their Christian education. Thank you.

GBC Campus Financial Needs

Just before this school year starts, we have been hit this month with three expenses on campus we had not anticipated and need some help meeting. The fourth expense is a need related to the monthly budget.

Utilities: An electric short circuit and fire due to the monsoons caused $300 in damages.

Water supply add’l charges due to COVID: $1500

Engine repairs to the older, small Echo Van $2000

Monthly funding shortage: $1300

 Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. I Corinthians 4:2

This verse represents how Richard lives; and we are so blessed and grateful
for his faithful as IMI Board Chairman for eleven years.

Richard Carroll, IMI Board Chairman Steps Down

John, Reda, Richard, Craig Miller

We are so very grateful for the many years of Richard Carroll’s leadership as Indigenous Ministries board chairman. His consistent walk before God and steady hand of wisdom and guidance have helped this ministry through great triumphs as well as some strong challenges. He visited IMI’s ministry in Egypt and India, and was a great encouragement to the teams there.

He has transitioned out of this position as he and his wife, Lynne enjoy their retirement years. We pray God’s richest blessing on both he and Lynne and wish to publicly share our deepest gratefulness and love to Richard. Wayne Schieldt is IMI’s board chairman, and we are exited to see how God will use each of us for His glory in years to come.

John & Dee with Richard & Lynne Carroll