Grace Bible College Graduation

On March 3, Grace Bible College held its commencement ceremony culminating the 2017-2018 school year. Despite receiving anonymous security threats, the evening went on without difficulties, and 350 guests enjoyed the ceremony which was followed by a chicken biryani dinner buffet. God has answered so many prayers, bringing us once again to a successful culmination of a year of lectures, chapels, exams, meals and teas. Nights out under the stars as the students gathered each evening for praise and worship will be remembered fondly by all.

In April, the students will be engaged in practical ministry in villages, and we ask for your continued prayers for them as well as the faculty and staff. We praise God for those students who have worked diligently to complete their studies and ask that God guide and protect each one. Your faithful prayers and support the Lord has chosen to bless, and we are deeply grateful to our Indigenous Ministries’ Family.


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