Grace Bible College New School Year in Pics

Classes began on July 10, 2023 and the campus is humming with activity.

Keeping the students fed and happy takes a lot of work (and chipatis). This is the GBC kitchen and our cooks, Meena and Mangala who do a great job! Special thanks to our donors for funds to re-plaster and paint the kitchen this summer!

Below, students engaging in every-day campus chores, classes, computer labs, study hall and meals in the open-air dining hall.

Indigenous Ministries is the main funding source for Grace Bible College, providing scholarships for young scholars eager to receive a Biblical foundation for a secular vocation (teaching, nursing, IT) or to pursue full time ministry. It is only through the generous gifts and prayers of our donors that we are able to continue this vital ministry. The cost of sponsoring a student is $100/month; we need new sponsors for this school year. If you feel led to sponsor a student, give a one time gift, or would like to know more, visit our website, click on Christian Education/Grace Bible College.