PRAYER REQUEST: As we look to the future of GBC, I am asking for special prayers for several future BIG projects. GBC is situated on two beautiful acres in Central India. Current facilities include: a chapel, library building, shipping containers for classrooms, bathroom building, open-air dining hall and attached kitchen. We have been presented with an opportunity which will facilitate expansion.

What is the need? On-campus dormitories both for the men and women is really a primary, urgent need. Currently the men are living in two classrooms-turned-dormitories on the first floor of the library building, and the women live off campus three miles away in an apartment. Other needs include: a student activity center, on-campus staff housing, additional classrooms and administrative offices, expansion of the kitchen, and maintenance on existing facilities on campus.

Why now? At the forefront of the 2024 election in India is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clear promotion of Hinduism at the cost of all constitutionally guarantee religious freedoms. We have shared articles in the past at the developing crisis in this great country. Many Christians, churches and organizations are faced with tremendous opposition and even persecution. The same is true for other religious minorities in India. It seems the clock is ticking with much more of the same to come.

Preparing Grace Bible College for what is to come in India is in keeping with sound, biblical wisdom. Much like Joseph was given time and resources to prepare for a famine, this too is our window of time to prepare GBC on a solid, self-sustaining financial footing.

As Principal Tantarpale, the GBC and Indigenous Ministries board and I work together asking the Lord for his direction and resources, would you join us in prayer with this opportunity to trust in Him? I will continue to keep you updated. If you know an individual, foundation or charity interested in larger funding projects which will enable the training of nationals in India with a quality Christian education, please email me at – Dee Cook, CEO