Grace Bible College Update

Campus update: The college sits on two acres of property in a rural area. Since its inception in 2003, GBC has been in ministry partnership with Indigenous Ministries; In 2007, two acres were purchased by Indigenous Ministries and gifted to GBC. Additionally, IM built all buildings on the campus which include a beautiful chapel seating 150-200, an open air cafeteria, four converted shipping containers used for classrooms, and another for faculty offices, a two-story building with a library occupying the second floor. The three classrooms on the first (ground) floor are being temporarily used as men’s dorms, and the third is a small apartment for the dean of students and family. The girls are housed in an apartment off-campus. Student capacity is 50-55 students.

Campus future steps: With a goal of attracting and training more students who are able to pay full tuition, there are several campus buildings projects needed which include: student dormitories, faculty housing, additional classrooms, an updated cafeteria and administrative offices.

I was in India most of February meeting with the students, teaching in chapel, and in meetings with GBC Principal Pramod Tantarpale discussing our options as two ministries. It is, in my estimation, imperative that GBC define and develop its financial platform as we look towards the future, with a goal of increased self-sustainability. This is a complex topic, but one I believe the Lord is going to lead us through; I will be sharing more in future updates.

– Dee A. Cook, CEO