Greatest Need Year End Fundraiser

Each month we report on IM’s ministry activities through this newsletter, emails, videos and our website. If you like what you see,
would you invest into IM’s ministry with a generous year end gift?
Maybe this is the first time you’ve considered a year end gift to IM! If so, welcome!

Millions of people do not have access to the gospel, especially in the Middle East. God continues to open doors for many more opportunities for effective ministry. You can understand that this creates significant needs in the home office and all of our fields. As an independent faith ministry, all of our funding comes from churches and individuals like you. If you have been following this newsletter, you have seen our ministries rapidly expanding and this adds to the financial challenge. This annual effort has helped us close the gap in the years past and we’re asking our friends and supporters to help us once again.

While monthly financial support throughout the year enables us to continue with the regular ministry, our Year End fundraising enables us to expand the ministry to reach more people.

Some of our needs:

  1. Grace Bible College, India, has been accredited but must continue to expand its facilities
  2. As we launch a Bible college in Iraq, the start up expenses are significant
  3. New child sponsorship programs to refugees in Egypt and N. Iraq require additional funding. We rejoice that this past summer, 56 children in our N. Iraq program trusted Christ as Savior.
  4. As ministry overseas expands, our home office has growing financial challenges

Please prayerfully consider sharing a generous year end gift with Indigenous Ministries. The faith goal this year is $150,000, and almost $10,000 has already been given. Perhaps you would consider an increase to your current giving so we can continue to minister effectively in the 10/40 window.

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