Greatest Need Year End Fundraiser

Over 255,248 were impacted in 2021 by Indigenous Ministries in the Middle East and India. As you look at the your Christmas and Year End “to dos” please consider a generous donation to the Indigenous Ministries Year End Fund. Would you help reach a goal of $150,000 and invest into the lives with us? Our teams are trained, equipped and on the frontlines sharing Christ.

It may look like these two fundraisers above are criss-crossing each other but they are a perfect example of how we minister. We use Christmas as a special time of outreach because the background Christians love this season and it’s a perfect time to share the gospel in the Middle East. Each year the response is greater and our teams have big plans that this fund will enable us to move ahead with.

Our Year End Greatest Need Fundraiser focuses on the deeper funded ministries that continue all year long in scope and impact. All of our funding comes from churches and individuals like you. The financial needs are very real and frankly, urgent. If you’re counting on the stock market or politics for a secure future, then you may be dealing with disappointment at this time. But if you are counting on investing into eternity with your money, I hope you’ll join me with a generous gift today.

It’s only through the generosity of our donors that we can minister to the lost and the needy. Your gift to The Year End Greatest Need Fundraiser will help us reach more people with the hope and love of Christ. But time is slipping by, and we want to seize every opportunity we can to share the love of Christ in India and the Middle East.

Please consider a generous gift to help me raise the $150,000 needed for the Year End Greatest Need. I really do need your help today!

If we had 20 people who would be willing to join me in giving a $1,000 donation, 10 giving $5,000 and six giving $10,000 we would see this watershed goal more than accomplished! Would you be willing to be a partner?  Thank you and may the Lord bless you.