Handicapped Refugee Young People are Being Helped

Imagine being handicapped from birth and then your life is flipped upside-down. You can’t see or walk and then ISIS soldiers burst into your home taking everything you have. 

Rita struggles with a number of disabilities including blindness and being unable to walk unassisted. But Rita wanted to be in this program and she has been waiting for someone to sponsor her, just like all the other children in our program. This weekend, Rita, who is near and dear to our hearts was “adopted” by a new sponsor in CO. We’re so happy! 

We have 416 refugee children who are waiting to be sponsored, and a number of them have special needs.  Their parents and families carry extra burdens that your sponsorship will help lift in a very special, tangible way. Please consider engaging today for $39/month, or, less than one meal eating out for most of us.  

To sponsor a refugee child today, click here: https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx…

Email our office at sponsorships@indigenousministries.org if you want to sponsor a handicapped refugee young person.  

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