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We’ve known Priti and her family for many years in India.  Her father died an alcoholic, her mother died of kidney cancer leaving four children in their grandmother’s care.  She died just a year later and three of the four children came to our children’s home in 2007.  Priti, 18, is #3 in the birth order and is a very sweet girl. She has a very caring and loving heart. She has seen many hardships in life and thus works hard to excel in her studies. She has a passion to become a nurse so she can care for the sick and serve them.

Priti loves the Lord and has a heart to serve him. She has a pretty smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

Would you help sponsor her to get her nursing degree?  We need $500 this year.  To donate, go to the blue donate button on the right and select “Priti’s Nursing School Support.”  Thank you!

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