Hunger Endangers a Child’s Future

An arial shot of the Payatas Dumpsite. Resty and Mel work in helping children and their parents.

The Philippines – Just outside Manila is a dumpsite called Payatas. This three (3) square mile area is the collection ground for all waste in and around Manila. This year the government estimated more than 130,000 people live on or around the dumpsite. It is the only source of income for what are called “scavenger parents,” who rely on reselling found items to earn a very meager income of $1.50/day or less.

According to the Philippine government, twenty-five percent of Filipinos live in poverty, with more than one tenth of the population considered extremely poor. In 2015 it was estimated one in six children did not attend school. Without a proper education, the cycle of poverty will continue, further jeopardizing the health of the nation.

A make-shift home of a scavenger family. The mountain in the background is actually made of piled-up garbage.

Poor nutrition and resulting poor health keep children unable to focus or even attend school. Understanding the importance of education, Resty and Mel Enguerra established a partnership with Promise Land Christian Church to support children of scavenger parents through nutritious food and school uniforms. Since 2011, more than 50 children have been sponsored, with many more needing support. The results have been significant with marked improvement in learning and grades.

Your generous gifts make this project possible. Donate online at, select “Southeast Asia” in the Donate button. Next month…more stories of God’s grace and provision from this project and exciting next steps.

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