IM Egypt Holds 2nd Annual Children’s Bible Conference

Last month, the children in our Egypt Child Sponsorship Program were together for their 2nd annual two day IM Children’s Bible Conference. Our Egyptian ministry team shared this was a time of great encouragement and blessing to the children and staff. Many children shared that they personally felt encouraged and learned more about the Lord through this special time. It was also a time for the children to enjoy being kids again. Away from daily cares, the kids swam, made crafts, played games, told jokes and attended Bible sessions.

Throughout the conference, the overall theme was the Gospel message. Many of the children come from a nominal Christian background and don’t know the Lord well. The staff also shared messages on the subjects of obedience to the Lord and parents, the value of our identity in Christ, and how precious we are in God’s eyes. Our team put on a play for the kids focused on the life of Samuel and serving the Lord. The mothers of the children came and enjoyed a time of fellowship and prayer together. At the end of the conference, the families each received their monthly food bag.

This whole conference was made possible because of our generous and loving sponsors’ giving and prayers. Thank you! Our team in Egypt sends their many thanks to you for making this big investment into the lives of the children and their families. No one else is helping in this way in this part of Egypt except for each of our sponsors, which makes this partnership all the more important. I pray that the Lord adds His many blessings to you as you make such a difference in the life of your sponsored child in rural Egypt.


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