IMI Ministry Expands in Iraq

This spectacular sunset over eastern Kurdistan was something amazing to see, as is God’s hand at work in the Middle East

Craig Miller speaking at the Spiritual Growth Seminar. Blanda translated.

CHILD SPONSORSHIP TEAM TRAINING: This month our N. Iraq office has been a bee hive of activity. We held a two day training for all of our Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) workers in Iraq. Our teams work in different locations with specific needs and challenges. It was a very special time of encouraging our beloved teams as we were all together for fellowship, training and of course delicious meals!!

A strong focus is team building and helping each other over Viber and in person. Later this month, we will be in Egypt giving the same training to our Egypt teams. Two of our Iraq team leads will travel to Egypt to co-lead the training. It’s a joy to see the next generation fully equipped and now training others!

SPIRITUAL GROWTH SEMINAR: On Saturday, John and Craig Miller held a one day Spiritual Growth Seminar at our office with 20 in attendance from the church plant here in N. Iraq. The requests continue to come to IMI for in-depth training and this was one seminar that certainly met needs. We’re so honored to be able to make more and more resources available to the Church in this region. We’re seeing God’s hand of blessing as new Believers are growing in their faith.

Once an elder in his Syrian church, Amir* and his wife lost everything when they fled Io Iraq, yet have used every opportunity they have had in refugee camps to serve the Lord faithfully. Above, they attended the Spiritual Growth Seminar this month. *not his real name

Dee and Mryana led the two day Child Sponsorship Program Training meetings

John and Dee with three IMI Child Sponsorship team members.