Indigenous Ministries 2021 Impact in Numbers

How many people are touched by Indigenous Ministries? God has given many opportunities to serve his people and share the gospel; and we are responding to each one as the Lord provides and enables. We try to share clearly our needs and our plans; but also have the joy of sharing how many lives have been impacted for the Kingdom with the resources God provides through you.

How can we determine our effectiveness? We measure ministry impact in several ways. First, in the number of individuals and families we serve, secondly the spiritual impact on these lives. Our teams in the Middle East and India keep detailed records of children, families, students and church members, etc. They fill out reports which we compile to determine the number of recipients we serve. For example, if a child is in our Child Sponsorship Program and he belongs to a family, each one in the family is also impacted through the food provisions, visits, meetings, Bible studies discipleship, education and vocational training, so we count the entire family as “recipients.”

Dawood, IM team member in NW Iraq with one of our newest (and very shy) children we’re excited to welcome! He and his family are refugees from ISIS and like so many other have no home left to return to.

Next, we look at “Touchpoints,” the number of times Indigenous Ministries impacts a group or groups of people which would include, for example, people watching a church service on Facebook, guests in a church, Christmas and Easter events in a community, evangelistic outreaches into communities or villages by our teams and churches. We multiply these out in a year’s time to compile annual touchpoint numbers in the different areas we work in. Some of these people will overlap in two areas with the Touchpoint Contacts.

The spiritual impact is also measured, but not regularly reported in our general communications. (conversions, church plants, etc.) Due to the very restrictive areas Indigenous Ministries works in and the often dangerous consequences of faith choices, we are usually unable to share details.

Praise God with us and rejoice at the lives touched with love, compassion and the gospel! If you are a prayer partner with us, if you have donated to Indigenous Ministries, you are part of reaching these lives Jesus died for, and we know God will bless you accordingly! Our teams and pastors are on the frontlines ministering each and every week faithfully and we thank the Lord for each and every one.

As you look at this, would you join us in 2023 in making an even bigger impact for Christ in the Middle East and India? There are several ways to do this:

Pray for Indigenous Ministries: Your prayers are vital and we depend on them daily. You can find our monthly prayer requests here in our website.

Give to Indigenous Ministries: Join us in investing for eternity. Consider a gift to our Year End Fund. Are you planning your estate? Consider Indigenous Ministries in your will. Do you have a family foundation or are you connected with a grant-giving organization with like-minded goals? Would you connect us?

Volunteer with Indigenous Ministries: Join our team! Help out in our office, be an Indigenous Ministries Ambassador, and in 2023 watch for opportunities to travel and minister with us overseas.