The normalcy of the bustle of a typical day in the beautiful city of Beirut, Lebanon was shattered by an explosion which changed the agendas of 2.1 million people. Their collective attention was diverted with the sound of small crackling eruptions increasing in intensity, followed by a split second flash of light and then a deafening explosion which rocketed across the city splintering glass in every high rise building and shattering concrete structures. At least 170 were killed and some 6,000+ have been injured.

Some people are still missing and over 300,000 people have been left homeless.




EMERGENCY FOOD: First, we are teaming up with our Lebanese ministry partners as they assist the people through immediate food distribution.

EMERGENCY CLOTHING: Secondly, we are assisting families with needed clothing.

REPLACING SHATTERED GLASS: The third way we will assist through our partnership is replacing glass windows and doors shattered in the blast.  We will provide these families 50% of what they need to replace these items to get their homes habitable.

This is an opportunity to show these precious Lebanese people that God has not abandoned them and the hands that reach out to bless them are from the heart of Christ.

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