Children’s Home Repairs

Repairs begin – With the monsoon clouds literally looming overhead, work began on June 13 on the children’s home to repair the leaking roof as the first priority. Because funds have been donated we have enough to get this project started. To date $4,632 has come in, and we are so very grateful to those […]

And Then There Were Six…in Need of Sponsorships

Two of our Grace Bible College students have been sponsored since last month’s The Liaison went out with this request. Thank you to those who have responded to underwrite these young people’s ministry future. We need six more GBC students sponsored at $100/month, or, $1200/year by the first week in July. Most of these young […]

Help Sponsor Priti in Nursing School

HELP ME SPONSOR PRITI TO GET HER NURSING DEGREE. We’ve known Priti and her family for many years in India.  Her father died an alcoholic, her mother died of kidney cancer leaving four children in their grandmother’s care.  She died just a year later and three of the four children came to our children’s home in 2007.  Priti, […]

Nepal Relief Update

Tonight, as you sleep, there is the sound of a powerful diesel motor echoing on the open plains of Northern India on the road, bringing vital supplies to Nepal. Just last night, the last of the supplies were loaded onto the lori (Indian Semi truck) carrying its load to Katmandu, then to push into the […]

GBC Dining Hall and Kitchen Project Update

With the posts and foundation poured, the 40’ x 60’ dining hall is well underway on the new Grace Bible College campus in central India. Work crews poured the posts despite a record breaking heat wave. The next step is the roof which will be a tin roof with two tiers designed for airflow. After […]

GBC Property in India Electrified

With the new Memorial Chapel having been completed in January 2015, and the first two shipping container dorms completed three months later, the need for Grace Bible College to have its own electric meter and poles was evident. So, on a hot day last month, with the main pole, lines and panel installed, those present […]

Israel Tour a Successful Pilgrimage

From May 11-22, Indigenous Ministries hosted an Israel Tour and Pilgrimage that was fun, informative, intense, spiritually encouraging and challenging. Led by IM’s CEO, Dr. John Cook and his wife, Dee, our group of 15 traveled to Nazareth, Cana, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Jericho, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Bethlehem to name some of […]

Israel Tour 2015 Day 1 & 2 In Pictures

Nepal Relief/Iraq Relief

The earthquake of April 25 in Nepal continues to unfold details of a trail of devastation affecting millions. The pictures taken by associates show just a sample of the heartache and long term needs we all are so concerned about. While the damage in Kathmandu is significant and staggering, Nepal’s government has requested that international […]

Bible College Property Development Updates

The two dorms have been completed from four shipping containers, and a 40’ bathroom block has also been completed and we are happy to report there is now a large concrete slab between the two dorms (there will be a third dorm completing the “U” as funds come in) for a gathering place for the […]