The Dining Hall and Kitchen Project Begins!

The next priority is to build a dining hall and kitchen where students will dine. It will also be used as study hall and classroom. When we hold national pastors’ and women’s conferences, this will be a very important building giving the ability to serve hundreds with food and snacks. What you see here are […]

Children’s Home Solar Lights and Repairs

Every morning at 4 am the electricity to our property (home to our Children’s Home and Bible College) is cut due to power restrictions in that area. There has been a concern for security and safety for the children in the early morning as a tiger (like the one we saw in a tiger preserve this February) and […]

Eight GBC Students are in Need of Sponsorships

With the new Grace Bible College 2015-2016 school year beginning the first week of July, there is an urgent need for eight students to be sponsored at $100/month, or, $1200/year. This is a special investment into a young person who wants to serve the Lord in full time ministry. If you are only able to […]

Discipleship Program Launched

India – One of the core values of this ministry is that of discipleship and training Believers in Scriptural principles in order that the Church will become more like Christ. Our new church plants must have this in their DNA from their beginning. For two years our team has worked on translating a discipleship manual […]

Baptisms, India

Last month, seven young people took a baptism class and then were baptized by Rev. Ingole and Rev. Mohod in the new Grace Memorial Chapel. Some of those baptized are, Michael, Pushpa (both GBC students), Priya, an orphan in our children’s home, and Hannah with her mother, Mercy Mohod and Halina (with her mother, Nancy […]

Nepal Relief Update, May 6, 2015

Nepal Relief Project – Message from Dr. John Cook

Nepal Relief

I know your heart has been moved as mine has, with what is taking place in Nepal after the 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, April 25.   I have been amazed at the catastrophic circumstances that are taken place globally. As ISIS has raised its ugly head, Christ has been working through you who have given […]

GBC Phase Two: Dining Hall – Message from Dr. John Cook